Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Box

We will change the classroom from Holzapfel Hall to Reckord Armory Next week. Actually, I do not like the classroom in Armory. This building likes a maze that I always miss my way to classroom and restroom. In addition, the classroom in Armory is too small; I agree with our teacher that this classroom like a box. A box that without the window and sun.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Day Out With THOMAS @ Cumberland, MD

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My son is a train fan. He looking forward Day Out of THOMAS for a long time. This Monday, I got the information about this rails tour. It's a little bit rush to decide to go to rails tour. I tried to book ticket on Satuday or Sunday. Guess what, the tickets are slod out!! OH! My GOD!! Therefore, we went to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in today afternoon. We have a fun time even though spend more than 2 hours to there. I think parents always like to have happy time with children.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Different Lunch off campus

Today I have lunch with my classmates at Samurai Sam’s off campus. James guided us (Cindy,Sunghye, Hyosung, Seyoung, Hsin Hong, Mercia and me) to there. That is a Japanese’s style restaurant and offer fatty foods with delicious grilled chicken and steak. They have website as below: http://www.samuraisams.netIf you interested in Japanese’s food, you can try to have a dinner.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fear the turtle

Do you like our school’s symbol – Turtle? If you want to get turtle poster, now, there is a series of number and free limited edition posters from school. I missed the poster last week, but, fortunately, I have one now. Yesterday, I wanted for the poster for almost one hour. There are so many people waited on line for the poster. If you are interesting, Poster #4 will be released on Tuesday, October 3, 2006, at Noon. Posters must be picked up in person at 0101 Lee Building. You also can surf the website as following :
Don’t’ forget!! By the way, I need to say thank you to Cindy. Thank you stood with me for the poster yesterday.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Speaking Partners

The MEI gives us a chance to practice English and get with American culture; they assign a speaking partner for each student.
Actually, I am looking forward meeting my speaking partner when I got this message. Finally, we have the first time to meet our speaking partner in the afternoon on September 21.

I arrived at meeting place on time, there are so many people and began to chat. Unfortunately, my partner did not come, and I only have her name and e-mail address. But, I received her response immediately after I checked my e-mail. I got some information about her. She is a staff on campus. Fortunate, we contact each other via e-mail, and will meet on Tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Terrible :(

What was I thinking about? What was in my head? I took the wrong shuttle to home after class. I mistook the title on the shuttle. Actually, I need to take “ 110 Seven Spring”, guess what happened to me? I took the “111 Silver Spring” shuttle and loss the way. One thing I can do just stay on the bus and wait for go back to school. I think that because I worry about my poor grammar and not focus on the bus title. Anyway, I went home finally. This is a special experience that I will never forget it.

First Look Fair 2006

First Look Fair is new for me. Our listening teacher, Harriet, ushered us showed us during our class. In fact, I just felt curious in this morning, because there are be arranged so many tables and chair in front of McKeldin Mall. Professor Lipowitz said that this event have more than 400 student clubs and organizations. I took almost one hour to get information, but time is limited.

I interesting in some student clubs and organizations. For instance, Boy & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington , Pre-Medical Society, Chinese Bible Church of College Park and Student Legal Aid Office. Especially, Student Legal Aid Office, according to the guider, if student regarding their legal inquiry, they can bring their ID card and documents relevant to legal problem.

In my opinion, it is very useful for students. Because most students do not understand law and never know how to protect theirself. Now, if you have any legal aid, the Student Legal Aid Office is your good choice. Oh! Their location is Stamp Student Union Suite 1235.

Grammar ~ ~

This week, we learned writing skill and English grammar. Woo, I feel very confuse in English grammar and try to study hard in this part. It is very important to understand grammar, otherwise, I can not write well and correctly.
Now, we get another way to meet other international student via blogger. It is an intermediate ESL class that named William’s Class in New Zealand. I am so exciting. After left message to they, I am looking forward their feedback. I hope that we can share our study experience and discuss online. I think it is a way to practice writing.

Monday, September 18, 2006

How You Spent Your Weekend

I have been here for four weeks so far. I usually go to the supermarket with my husband on the weekend. Because I have English class on weekdays, I like the weekends very much!!
I can take relax and review the homework. Last weekend, as usual, after finishing the homework, we went to the supermarket near Greenbelt on Saturday. We go to a different supermarket every weekend and compare the goods.
Last Sunday, I tried a new church near my apartment, because they offer the prayers in English in the morning. I prefer to pray in the morning. The most interesting and unusual thing that we did was the Cherry Hill Park, which next to our apartment. We walked for a long time; I think it is good for me to exercise. In addition, I enjoy the time I spent with my husband and son.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Impressions of MEI (Week 1)

The Maryland English Institute (MEI) is a famous English institute in United States. According to my experience so far, I can tell you it is excellent and wonderful.
First, the teachers who teach in MEI are always giving their knowledge to the students and teach the lesson from basic to advanced. For example, one of our teachers, Nina, teach us not only grammar but also reading. She gives us lessons and quizzes to help us remember.
Moreover, we have a lot of opportunities converse with other classmates during the class and after school. For instance, we have a coffee time after class every Wednesday. We can meet international students and chat with them. I think it is the best way for not-native speakers of English.
Beside, we have the class “English in Action” every Friday. Every Friday has different topic that we need to present altogether. I am looking forward this class in this Friday. I like this group and get with everything in MEI.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lunch on September 12

Nina told us during class that we were going to lunch altogether at the Dairy on campus.

At first, I went to Stamp Student Union, because my lunch needed to be heated in the microwave. And then together with Cindy, on of my classmates, we went very fast to the Dairy, in order to meet other classmates and our teacher on time.

The Dairy is located near the Main entrance of the campus. The place was quiet and they offer the most famous dessert - - ice cream on our campus.

Not only chatted with each other, but we also enjoyed our lunch. We had a wonderful lunch in a nice place – the Dairy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

Taiwan, located in Southern Asia, is my country and the weather there is comfortable for living.

I come from Taiwan and my name is Jennifer Ho. I have one brother in my family, and my parents are already retired. I am married and have one son. My husband encouraged me to earn a master’s degree; therefore, I made a decision to go to school.

I graduated from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, and my major is Library and Information Science. I like outside sports, such as badminton, and I also like reading newspapers and books.

In my student life, I have met a lot of teachers. They always teach me something new when I talk with them. I can learn a lot from their experience.

I hope that I can gain admission to graduated school here. I know that my English is insufficient. I will study hard, make friends with other students and practice with them. The most important thing to make my dream come true is follow my teachers’ advice.

I would like to be a professional librarian, and I know that education in the United States is famous. The librarians in the United States are more professional than others. My goal is to earn my master’s degree at the University of Maryland. I believe that I can do it if I improve my English at MEI first.

In conclusion, I would like to join any group that helps me improve my English skill. I think that it is very important to practice with native English speakers. In the past, I was too shy to speak with other people, but I need to overcome this problem.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome to Jennifer's English Blogger

Nice to meet you at University of Maryland.
This is my first Blogger, if you have any suggestion, please feel free to email me or leave message.

Have a nice weekend.