Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Day 2006

I am so happy have holiday in U. S. and get with their cultures. This week we got the long weekend because the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving comes on the 4th Thursday in November. As I know, this is a family holiday; the news reported the crowed traffic and airport. In addition, the Macy's Thanksgiving parade in New York City. It's so spectacularly!!( I saw it on TV)

Our friend invited us to their home and had a big meal, of course, the Turkey, and a wonderful time. We appreciate their help in everything and always give us encourages.

The other thing is “Black Friday” next to the Thanksgiving Day. Actually, it is a shopping day for people have a low price to get some thing. Most stores open on early five o’clock, it is really work and a lot of people go to shopping. We went to the Wheaton Plaza and chosen some give for our family and friends. I like Thanksgiving Day anyway.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Early Thanksgiving Party @ UMD

The International Graduate Student Association (IGSA) invites everyone to celebrate Thanksgiving tonight on campus. This is my first time have the thanksgiving holiday in U. S. . I made a reservation for my family and me. I met some friends who also come from Taiwan and other international students. We enjoyed the excellent holiday food. Of course, the delicious turkey and green beans, delicious desserts. At beginning, I would like to be a volunteer but they have enough people for that. We have a good dinner and happy time in this party. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my digital camera today. <

Friday, November 17, 2006

International Education Week @ UMD

This week is International Education Week (IEW) from November 12 to November 17. IEW is a celebration of international education and exchange. During this week schools and other organizations celebrate cultural exchange and education in different ways. For example, they have International Dinner on Monday, International Experience & Your Career on Wednesday, and Cultural Fair on Friday.

MEI students contribute to the diversity of their country. Today, we have a successful exhibit for this event. Our group prepares a lot of snack and Chinese food for this fair. In our group, we work together on a project but doing different things. Jimmy and Cindy make a snake – Mua Chee. Mua Chee is a sticky rice cakes and a specialty of Hualien, Taiwan. Cindy’s speaker partner, Tiffany, who is American-Taiwan, gives us a great favor. She gives us the materials to make pearl milk tea (Bubble Tea). Candy brings some Chinese Tie. The Chinese Tie is a symbol with luck and propitious. Most Chinese families put Chinese Tie in their house. Even seem a little bit of superstition. Of course, my husband give me a hand, he prepares Rice Noodles for this fair. The snake and food go over very well.

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The Semester Is Almost Over

This semester is almost over and we will have the achievement test on December. Actually, I am happy to study with our classmates. Even we come from different country, we study and have good time altogether.

At beginning, I am confused in grammar section. Fortunately, my teacher, Nina, gives us quiz and extra class. It’s push me to study hard and review the grammar again. In addition, I learn how to correct my pronunciation. Maybe it’s easy to other peoples, for me, it’s the first lesson I need to learn. People can not understand what I want to express, if my pronunciation incorrect. The other things I try to get with is listening and reading. For the listening part, I need to spend more times in this section. My problem is I am nervous of test, it causes me can not get the good grade on exam.

Some classmates will go back their country for winter vacation, and will come back to study at MEI next semster. Some of Hopefully, I can start my graduate course next semster. Some classmates will transfer to another school and countine their study.
Hopefully, I can start my graduate course next semster.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Guest Speaker in Our Class

Our class had a special guest speaker, Mrs. C. , who home schools her children yesterday. She shared with her home schooling experience and we got the opportunity to ask her some questions. Most of us are curious about home schooling. For example, why did she decide to home school her children? Have her children ever attended regular schools? Does she teach all subjects? All of the answers from Mrs. C. impressed me a lot. The result of home schooling is when her oldest son was ready for kindergarten. She has continued to teach her children as far. Of course, she teaches all subjects and selects the materials by herself. Moreover, her children never attend regular schools. From her speech, I got some information about home schooling. For instance, they also work together with other parents who school their children. The schedule is one time a month. Beside, they have outside activity – Bible class two week a month. Her children also enjoy home schooling. I can feel that all of her children are very confident and independent. I think home schooling is a new way to educate the children. Even though some people might not accept this method, home schooling is becoming in everywhere.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Experience of Reading "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"

It is my second time to read a novel in English. Before that, I read “Anne of green Gables “in English. However, this is a serious and I just read one volume of them. This semester our teacher assigned a novel “The Five People You Meet in the Heaven” to us. At beginning, I just think how to finish this “homework” because we have to answer the question from handout. After we listened to the novel and corrected the handout in the class, I was interested in reading this novel more than before. I like to listen and read the novel at the same time more than just reading. Now I enjoy reading this novel and try to find out the answer on the handout. The handout is very useful for me to realize the meaning in this novel.

Halloween 2006

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We visited our neighbor and had a Halloween yesterday. Before we went out, two girls came to our house and knocked the door. You can guess what will happy for next, yes, we had the answers. That could be “trick or treat”. My husband also tricked them, he put on the terrible mask. The two girls really scared, then they run away and forgot the candy. After that, we went to other neighbors' house. I took some picture, but my memory card has some troble. So, I can't post it on now.